Nothing in the world of digital sound can match a Rodgers pipe/digital organ.

There is a beauty and realism in its tone. It is adaptable to a variety of worship styles.

The new 500 series organs are on the leading edge of digital design technology. They offer the widest array of options and specifications ever offered in any digital organ produced by any manufacturer anywhere.


Inspiration, Innovation and Assurance Since 1958. These words tell the Rodgers story of quality, performance and support in one line.

Inspiration, Sound is the No. 1 reason people choose Rodgers over other organs. Inspiration results from the tremendous tonal flexibility built into our instruments, which allows the Rodgers organ to be used to present such a wide variety of music.

Innovation: Many people don't realize that Rodgers - as part of the world-famous music leader Roland Corporation - is able to spend over $2.5 million a year in research and development. That investment is why Rodgers has Parallel Digital ImagingŪ, still the only digital generation system that provides the natural dimensional presence of sound found in a pipe organ. And of course, any organist who has used Rodgers' Voice Palette knows the thrill of having more instantly available usable registrations at their fingertips than any other organ can offer. Roland and Rodgers were the organ industry founders of MIDI and remarkable room acoustic systems such as RSS.

Assurance: The product will be supported in the future. Unlike smaller companies, Rodgers has unique financial stability and deep technical capabilities because of being a member the Roland Corporation. Doesn't it make sense that the company with annual revenues of nearly $900 million is most likely to be here to support its products for the long term? Visitors to our factory often comment on the huge area where parts are stored; Rodgers carries over $1.5 million in parts to support our products.

Another very important concern to many organ owners is environmental responsibility. Rodgers was one of the first companies to change its manufacturing processes from top to bottom to reduce lead and other hazardous substances from our organs, in compliance with the European Union's RoHS directive.

Innovation, Inspiration and Assurance Since 1958 is not just a slogan - it's our story in a nutshell. Rodgers is a company whose story is made real by 50 years of experiences and history of performance.

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