There are 2 different keyboard charts. They represent a different way of accessing the sounds of the MX200.

The MX200 accesses sounds using MSB, LSB and Program Change numbers. You need all 3 numbers. The Trillium organs can handle all 3 numbers, but the PDI organs cannot send an LSB number. So the PDI organs use a numbering system that allows you to get the same sounds without needing to change the LSB number.

Just click on the one below that matches the type of organ you play:

Trillium Organ Keyboard Chart

Using the Trillium Keyboard Chart

PDI Organ Keyboard Chart

Using the PDI Keyboard Chart

Allegiant Series Organs can use either chart but I recommend using the PDI numbering system.

Global Series are the 520, 525, 527, 530, 535. Follow the link below for these organs.

Using the PDI Keyboard Chart for Global Series Organs